Wholesale Distributor and Marketing Development Fanmo focuses on the juvenile industry international trade, including kids’ products and organic baby products and the automobile industry trade, including imported car sales, auto parts, and automotive additive products.
We provide high-quality inventory with certification from local law authorities and highly-reputable brand manufacturers well-known locally and in export countries.
Our entire inventory complies with the legal import process established by Chinese law authorities to ensure high-quality goods for consumers.
Quality and Trustable Fanmo has five advantages that ensure smooth and complete cooperation. We are a trusted brand distributer providing comprehensive service and extensive sales channels.


Fanmo has an import/export certificate, precise working process, marketing experience, and relative facilities.. Our marketing experience helps brand manufactures promote the value of the brand and its reputation in the Chinese market and also increase the quantity of sales and achieve established goals.

Brand Agency Service and Marketing Development.


Our Team

Yuankuo (Michael) Liang, Canadian Chinese, graduated from Simon Fraser University with a major in Economics. The President and founder of China (Shanghai) Fanmo Investment Ltd, Mich...

Company Profile

Fanmo focuses on the juvenile industry, kids’ products, organic baby products, the automobile industry, imported car sales, auto parts, automotive additive products, merchandise m...

Fanmo's 5 Advantages

Supply Advantage Fanmo directly imports the inventories from foreign brand manufacturers with competitive prices, and guarantees the inventories from original primary sources. Fanmo...


上海枫贸投资发展有限公司企业竞争优势 货源优势 枫贸将以最优惠的价位直接从出口国的生产制造厂商中进行品牌或商品的代理和采购,确...


品牌代理,营销拓展。 专注于母婴产业,儿童用品、有机婴儿用品;进口汽车销售、进口汽车配件、汽车添加剂等系列产品的产品代理和营...


展会名称: 2014(第四届)深圳国际汽车电子产品展览会 展会时间: 2014年7月17日-19日 展会主题: 打造不一样的展会线下线下大型交易会...

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